About Changernomics

CHANGERNOMICS is a professional services firm providing Best Practice Leadership and Talent Management solutions designed to establish and implement a scalable Talent Management foundation. Our Talent Management solutions are custom designed to meet specific organisational needs to enable our clients to optimise their Human Capital and achieve their strategic organizational goals. We offer a host of assessment tools for Leadership Development and Coaching. We also provide resources to help leaders identify and discuss high potential promotability readiness. 

We are committed to working with your organization to build your Talent Management capabilities through strategic design and development of your Human Capital. We will work as your Business Partner to align our solutions to your business model, organisational culture, vision, mission, goals and strategies.

Strategic Talent Management is now a critical component at the forefront of any successful organization. CHANGERNOMICS works collaboratively with clients to transfer knowledge and to build sustainable internal capabilities to meet the Human Capital challenges of the New World.


Our Solutions

What is missing from our understanding of leadership and performance? One possible answer lies in the fact that, at this point, there is no assessment tool based on motivational and attitudinal patterns.

An online, 180 question assessment validated through years of research, testing and millions of interviews .

Latest Updates

The A new globally accepted awareness has emerged. Any individual, company or country wishing to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century must develop the brain's seemingly infinite capacity to create and to innovate. To develop these capacities you need excellent guidance and your own application to the task.

Coaching For Results Workshop (2 Full Days)

Identify the natural rewards that their high performers want and how to achieve them

Identify the talents that their key employees are motivated to express in order to meet increasing business demands.

Driving Human Performance through EQ  

Are your leaders great at leading people? Most managers are promoted for their technical and business skills – but find the “soft side” hard. Engaging people in change, proactively resolving issues, setting a context for performance, building collaboration... they all require emotional competence. To change the outcomes, your leaders need to change the inputs – and to do so they need new awareness, attitude, and skills.


To empower individuals to Move Forward and in so doing to enable organisations, communities, nation Move Forward!

We are in the business of Talent Management, Leadership and Coaching.  We believe talent is at the heart of all successful change efforts. We view leadership and talent development as an ongoing process that evolves with the demands and influences of the new world

The symbol in our logo represents You (Person) Moving Forward and is from the Mandarin Chinese character 人 (rén) that shows the two legs and torso of a human body. Early forms of this character showed hands, feet and head, but this was gradually simplified to the present form. At CHANGERNOMICS we believe organisations, communities don’t change; People do when they Move Forward!


We expect to be measured by what we do, as well as what we say.

We treat everyone with respect and appreciate individual differences. We carefully consider the impact of business decisions on our people, and clients.

We are strategically entrepreneurial in the pursuit of excellence, encouraging original thought and its application, and willing to take risks based on sound business judgment.

We are committed to forging public and private partnerships that combine diverse strengths, skills and resources.

We will continually move forward in an ever changing environment.

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