Executive Development and Coaching

Leaders do not lead in a vacuum. They lead by relying on a combination of who they are, their relationships (inside and outside of the organization) and the prevailing marketplace dynamics. Our coaching and development programs help leaders understand what they need to know to optimize personal, team and organizational impact. CHANGERNOMICS programs are designed to balance the leadership contributions of people who are already successful.

Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

Our tailored programmes developing the skills and confidence of managers and leaders enabling them to continually nurture the capability and commitment of their people. With Coaching Skills participants can focus on developing the performance of their people as an integral part everyday management

Individual and Executive Coaching

CHANGERNOMICS provides expert individual facilitation to support the leadership development of your senior managers. These one-to-one conversations take place in one of two main contexts. Interventions may be an individually commissioned and tailored sequence of meetings in support of an individual's professional development or can be an integral part of the learning support provided in a structured development programme. The latter will often be a multi-modular programme attended by a group or team of participants.

Conversations are ideally run face-to-face, in a distraction-free environment and are confidential to the individual concerned. Telephone support is always available to complement these meetings and the virtual space is an option for clients who prefer this option.

“Forty years ago, no one talked about executive coaching. Twenty years ago, coaching was mainly directed at talented but abrasive executives who were likely to be fired if something didn’t change. Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent. ”  Harvard Business Review

Strength Based Leadership Coaching

based on GALLUP’s Clifton Strength Finder

  • An online, 180 question assessment validated through years of research, testing and millions of interviews
  • Created by Donald Clifton and The Gallup Organization; Now, Discover Your Strengths
  • Based on “positive psychology”
  • 34 “Talent Themes”
  • Results of the assessment will provide you with your Top 5 Talent Themes
  • Areas where you are innately wired to have the greatest potential
  • Provided with a personal development plan to help you focus on your strengths

What can CHANGERNOMICS Coaching provide in your business?

  1. The power of everyone in your organization operating at their peak performance
  2. Synergized teams to create breakthrough results
  3. Executive leaders fostering fully engaged employees

CHANGERNOMICS Coaching has developed the Leaders as Coach Program that will unleash the power and potential inherent in your people and your organization.  Based on coaching best practices and has the accredited coaches training program guidelines; the program is tailored to the needs of your organization and led by certified coaches.

Learn more about what the Leader as Coach Program can provide for your business

CHANGERNOMICS provides organisations with a range of consulting, assessment, and facilitation services to support organisations in their efforts to improve business strategy, organization architecture - including talent management and succession planning and culture. We help with organization design, employee engagement, coaching, and talent strategies to develop sound business structures to optimize efficiency and growth.


Latest Updates

Breakthrough Strategies Through Innovation (2 Full Days)

This custom designed module is a fast-track practical course to understand Strategy and Innovation. This course is especially relevant for senior professionals and executives who want to advance and have yet to attend any Strategic Thinking and Innovation courses.

Coaching For Results Workshop (2 Full Days)

Identify the natural rewards that their high performers want and how to achieve them

Identify the talents that their key employees are motivated to express in order to meet increasing business demands.

Driving Human Performance through EQ  

Are your leaders great at leading people? Most managers are promoted for their technical and business skills – but find the “soft side” hard. Engaging people in change, proactively resolving issues, setting a context for performance, building collaboration... they all require emotional competence. To change the outcomes, your leaders need to change the inputs – and to do so they need new awareness, attitude, and skills.

Executive and Leadership Development by Changernomics

Changernomics offers several powerful solutions for equipping leaders and optimizing leadership performance

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