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What is missing from our understanding of leadership and performance? One possible answer lies in the fact that, at this point, there is no assessment tool based on motivational and attitudinal patterns. Unlike some assessment instruments that measure constructs like personality and intelligence and that have been in place for years, there is no assessment tool to predict performance levels in contexts based on motivations and attitudes. A major difference from other assessments is the age.  Since iWAM was developed as recently as 2000, it incorporates the latest findings in cognitive science to measure work attitude and motivation. The iWAM is a more modern tool.

Another difference is their philosophical foundation. This is not a personality tool to measure an individual’s personality. The concept of "Personality," presupposes that a person will react the same way in every situation—an idea that was proven incorrect by cognitive psychologists in the 1980s. iWAM, on the other hand, measures a person's preferences and motivations in the context of work. It describes what factors influence and motivate people the most, while allowing for individual circumstances.

  • Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns are part of our behavioral habits that impact thinking, decision making, and behaving by helping us manage our experiences.

  • Motivational and Attitudinal Patterns help us manage experiences by:
    1. Filtering what goes on around us (Admit vs. Block)
    2. Translating the “Admits” into our sense of “reality”
  • Motivational and attitudinal patterns are very powerful influences on personality, emotions, competencies, and the resulting behavior from all of these factors. In the end, our behavior is what determines our performance.


  • As a result of the connections and relationships, motivational and attitudinal patterns turn out to be a major force in predicting performance levels in given contexts.

  • In spite of their importance, motivational and attitudinal patterns have been relatively “invisible” to the person and “off the radar” of human resource and organization development specialists until now.


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